Entice – Voucher Request

To help support a shift towards the use of sustainable travel choices we’re offering new residents at Entice the chance to claim £500 in Travel Choices credit!

This credit can be used to request one of the following great incentives:

Halfords Cycle Voucher

Choose to receive a £500 Halfords cycle voucher, redeemable at your local Halfords store on products within the cycling category range (refer to FAQs for details of a limited number of restrictions).

Halfords are the UKs leading cycle retailer, stocking a wide variety of bikes, accessories and parts. Browse their website to find the perfect cycling product for you.

Annual Bus Only MCard

Claim an annual bus only MCard, permitting unlimited travel on buses across the whole of West Yorkshire for 12-months!

With an RRP of £930, this offer provides a significant saving for anyone looking to live a car free lifestyle, or wishing to leave the car at home more often.

You can find out more about the MCard here.

Train Travel Credit

With this option, you’ll get £500 in e-vouchers with LNER. The credit can be used to book travel on any service across the country. You can use the credit towards a larger fare or multiple smaller fares, as well as on season tickets.

Find out more about LNER’s e-vouchers here.

Redeem Your Credit

To request your voucher, simply fill out the form below. If you have any questions or issues, you can contact us on info@travelchoices.uk.

FAQs and T&Cs

There is no catch! Just simply fill out the form above to request the voucher of your choice, or if you experience any issues please email us.

Am I eligible to claim the credit?
The £500 travel choices credit can be claimed once per address at Entice. If a resident of your address has previously claimed the credit, you will be ineligible.
Can an MCard be used on any bus in West Yorkshire?
Pretty much, yes. All Annual MCards are valid on virtually all ordinary stopping bus services within West Yorkshire. Exceptions are late night services, football or concert specials, long distance coaches, excursions, tours, contract, chartered or other privately hired bus or train services. For full MCard T&Cs click here.
Can I buy any cycling product from Halfords?
The only exceptions are that the voucher cannot be used to purchase a child’s bike, and the voucher does not cover bike racks for your car.
Is there a time limit?
You’ll be able to claim credit until the end of the Travel Choices programme at Entice, which will be in place until at least 2026. In terms of using the vouchers once you receive them, the Halfords and LNER vouchers must be used within 12 months of issue.
Why is this being offered to residents at Entice?
As part of the planning permission for the development, Strata are required to encourage more sustainable travel choices among residents and funding the offer of a sustainable travel voucher for residents is part of that. The Travel Choices team have been appointed by Strata to manage and administer this process.