Northern Rail’s Smart Season Tickets

Smart cards are an upgrade to paper season tickets, offering a quicker and more convenient way to buy and renew. You can choose to do so online, at a Northern ticket machine or at a Northern booking office.

With a shelf-life of 10 years, they Smart cards are far more durable than the paper version! They’re far more convenient and you can renew online and on the go!

Saying ‘goodbye’ to paper tickets will give you a faster and easier way to buy and renew season tickets at your convenience. They’re totally free, don’t wear out and by buying your tickets online you can beat the usual Monday morning rush to renew.

You can use a Smart card with weekly, monthly and annual or flexi season tickets.

Why get a season ticket over daily tickets?

  • Unlimited travel between your two stations
  • No need to queue every day to buy a ticket
  • Huge savings over the course of a month or year
  • Online and ticket machine collection available

With the Flexi Season Ticket, you can travel 2 to 3 days a week and still take advantage of season ticket savings.

Use their season ticket calculator to see how much you can save vs your current ticket.

To find out more about the Smart card and order yours for free now, follow the link below.